My Buffalo Land's Children

My Buffalo Land's Children "In these communities are many young people with visions, dreams, and hope for a better future. They like horseback riding, playing basketball, playing softball, and many things that young people like to do. In this community the love for the horse is rampant. This community is truly a medicine horse community with many of the young people practicing their culture. In this poor socio-economical community the chances of the young reaching their dreams is little or none. By twenty years old they have already given up their hopes and dreams, many times the young look and feel many years past their age. The waste of talent is extremely hard to watch, especially if you love your people the way I do. These young students of life are very talented. Drawing, painting, quilling, beading, and sculpturing come naturally to these young students of the Pass Creek. I had an art contest at American Horse School and the talent we adults experienced was extraordinary. The natural talent is there with the help of mentors or people who care these youth may possibly seek a career or a life in the world of art. The true meaning of art is create beauty from nothing and this is truly that endeavor." John D. DuBray Pine Ridge Sioux/Lakota Reservation Allen, South Dakota 57714 Read More on : www.nativeprogress.org

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